Summer DIY Landscaping Trends

Creating the perfect landscape is a lot about planning everything down to the last detail. While you want an attractive garden, it’s also necessary to make sure that the spaces are practical and energy-efficient. Although you can always contact professionals for all these aspects, you should have a sound understanding of the latest DIY landscaping trends.

Use a Minimalistic Gardening Approach

When designing a landscape, there are certain landscaping trends that have emerged that you should consider, such as:

Organic mulch

When creating your landscape you need to plan everything down to the last detail.

  • Make all the features more compact and small – this will create an attractive and expansive look in your outdoor areas.
  • Install low-maintenance plants that don’t require too much attention.
  • You can add mini shrubs with sufficient foliage to create the green look you want on your property.
  • Use natural gardening materials for a more eco-friendly space.
  • You can use fewer plants to improve water efficiency.
  • Create color blocking with specific colors used in certain areas to add a more interesting look to the space.
  • Use products and materials  that blend in well with other elements in the landscape.
  • Design with mulch and rocks rather than flowers. Masonry elements are easier to clean and maintain and do not require constant upkeep. The other benefit of doing this is that your landscape will consume far less water as well.

Drought-Friendly Landscaping Trends

Most areas have water scarcity problems, and after all, water is a limited natural resource. When you are planning your landscape, it’s a good idea to keep in mind factors like water usage and durability. From both these viewpoints, including more local plantings, mulches, and sand are all great ways to improve your landscape’s water efficiency.

It’s also best to bunch plants and flowers with similar watering needs together. This will help you control their watering levels and schedule, which will help you save water in landscaping. While there are several new landscaping trends to follow, it is crucial that you do not follow these blindly. Check what is most practical for you and design for sustainability.

The one way to get all the aspects right is to make a note of all the things you will need. Order all the topsoil, planting, organic fertilizers, boulders, stone, and other products after discussing your requirements with our team. If you have a very large landscape, DIY may not be the right way to go because the project will need the right planning. For any more information about the latest DIY landscaping trends and our high quality service at All Around Soil & Stone, feel free to contact us.