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All Around Soil and Stone Inc.’s Helpful Hints will add to your landscaping knowledge and pleasure.

Coverage Per Yard
Rock, Sand, and Soil*

1 Cubic Yard =
240 Sq Ft 1″ Deep
120 Sq Ft 2″ Deep
100 Sq Ft 3″ Deep
85 Sq Ft 4″ Deep
72 Sq Ft 5″ Deep
54 Sq Ft 6″ Deep

*All Around Soil and Stone sells soil by the yard and not by the ton because weight varies due to moisture content and organic matter.

Coverage Per Ton
Rock* and Sand

1 Ton =
192 Sq Ft 1″ Deep
96 Sq Ft 2″ Deep
80 Sq Ft 3″ Deep
68 Sq Ft 4″ Deep
58 Sq Ft 5″ Deep
43 Sq Ft 6″ Deep

*All coverage is approximate for rock
1 1/2″ or less

Flagstone **100 Sq Ft per ton
Flagstone Steppers **100 Sq Ft per ton
Mountain Rip Rap **25-27 Linear Feet (1ft high x 1ft wide)
2-4″ Cobblestone 80 Sq Ft per yard
3-6″ Cobblestone 65 Sq Ft per yard
4-8″ Cobblestone 45-50 Sq Ft per yard
**Approximate measurement spacing and thickness is a factor.

fabric installation

Before you install your fabric, clear out your area of any weeds, rocks and debree. After you remove these items, an option would be to spray the area with any type of weed repellent. Let it sit for a day or two before you begin to lay down your fabric.

We suggest you use our commercial high grade landscaping fabric. It allows water to flow thru the material, and it does not tear when the rock is applied. When you start to install your fabric, make sure allow enough coverage to overlap your seams 3-4 inches. You can use fabric pins to hold your seems down or you could use any spare nails you may have hanging around. If you are covering a sloped area. Start at the bottom of the hill, then work your way up.

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