Rustic Stone Garden Paths for the Beginner Landscape Artist

You can easily create the look of an expertly crafted stone garden path without spending money on professionals or having masonry skills yourself! To lay your own rustic stone garden path, you’ll need to do some preparation work beforehand, but you don’t need advanced skills to hold the stones in place – here’s how to do it using sand and gravel instead of mortar/concrete.

Materials Needed

All you need to create a rustic stone garden path are some stones, sand, and gravel. You don’t need any advanced masonry skills or fancy tools. Just a few supplies from your local hardware store will do the trick. Here’s what to do!

Step 1 – Select a Process For Laying Your Stones

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A rustic stone garden path can be made with some stones, sand, and gravel.

The first step is to select a process you want for laying your stones. We recommend using sand and gravel to hold the stones in place, instead of mortar or concrete. This will give your garden path a rustic look and feel. Plus, it’s a lot easier for beginners!

Step 2 – Preparing The Ground

The ground should be cleared of all grass and weeds before starting. Next, use a garden hose or string to mark out the desired path shape. After that, use a shovel to dig out the path about six inches deep. The final step in preparing the ground is to level it off so that it slopes slightly away from your home to prevent water from pooling near your foundation. 

Step 3 – Calculate Length of Path

You will need to calculate the length of your path. To do this, measure the area you want your path to cover. Once you have your measurements, decide on the width of your path. A standard garden path is about 3 feet wide. After you have determined the width of your path, multiply that number by the length of your path to get the total number of square feet.

Step 4 – Fill In Holes

After you have your path outlined, it’s time to start filling in the holes. You’ll want to use a shovel to dig out any grass or weeds that are in the way. Once you have a clear path, you can start adding in your sand and gravel. Be sure to pack it down as you go so that your stones will have a solid foundation to sit on.

Step 5 – Bed the Stones

To bed the stones, start by raking out a 4-6 inch layer of gravel over the entire path area. Rake the gravel until it is level and smooth, then use a garden hose to wet it down. The water will help to settle the gravel and pack it in place. Next, start laying your stones in the desired pattern. It is best to lay them in rows, starting at one end of the path and working your way to the other.

All you need are some basic supplies and materials, and you’ll be on your way to creating a charming stone garden path. Contact us at All Around Soil & Stone today for all your landscaping material needs!