Insulate and Protect Soil with Organic Mulch

The Silent Gardener

Organic mulch acts as a tidy, beneficial blanket in your veggie garden. This “Silent Gardener” covers the ground that keeps sunlight and some air away from the soil surface. Common types include compost, cedar mulch, fine bark, pine needles, and wheat straw, among others. Let’s take a look at the benefits of organic mulch for your garden.

How Can Mulch Help Your Garden?

Mulch Gets Plants Through Weather Extremes

During dry spells, mulch acts as an insulator, keeping the soil cool and moist throughout the summer. Vegetables that have their roots in the fresh soil will suffer less from the heat. During the winter season, mulch helps to prevent the soil from freezing, an advantage for those who have root crops in the ground. Contrary, if you live in a cold climate region, you should either mulch with black landscape fabric or plastic to trap heat or should completely avoid mulching so that the ground can absorb all the summer sun’s rays

Keeps Soil Moist Longer

When the soil around plants is covered with mulch, water will evaporate much more slowly. That means less water is lost to evaporation — and less watering for you.

How can Mulch Help Your Garden?

Keeps Down Weeds

If weeds succeed in sneaking into your beautiful flower beds, they are easily uprooted by pulling. Beware that you do not utilize mulch or natural fertilizers such as chicken litter that can introduce seeds into the garden.

Keeps Plants Clean

A mulch blanket under your plants prevents soil from splashing onto the leaves, which in turn helps prevent disease. Lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, and other greens will be a lot easier to wash, too.

Mulch Turns into Valuable Humus

As organic mulches progressively decay, they increase organic matter and, eventually, humus in the soil. Humus acts like a sponge to hold moisture and nutrients, and it keeps the soil loose, which is the ideal growing environment for most plant roots.

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