Getting Your Annuals and Perennials Ready For Spring Bloom

All flowering plants and shrubs follow similar basic stages in their life cycles. Annuals complete this cycle in a single growing season, while perennials tend to live and grow for three years or more. There are certain other differences between these two types of plants, which we will look at. We will also look at some gardening tips to follow so they thrive and bloom beautifully.

Difference Between Annuals and Perennials

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Annuals complete their life cycle in one season, whereas perennials live longer.

  • Annuals – True annuals are any plants that germinate, bloom, set seed, and perish all in a single season. Although you have to replant most of your annuals to get new blooms, some do self-sow and return with a bang the following year in springtime. You can choose from cool-season, hardy annuals, warm-season, tender annuals and half-hardy annuals.

Growing annuals is an excellent way to take your gardening effort one year at a time. You can experiment with new color schemes and plants without making any long-term commitments. They are best suited to temporarily fill in bare spots in containers or an established yard through the season.

  • Perennials – Perennials are cold-hardy plants that return each spring. They typically bloom for just one season every year.

Some Useful Tips to Plant Spring Blooms

February is the right time to start prepping your garden for spring. Whether you are planting annuals or perennials, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • You can plant them directly in the soil outside, but make sure that the ground is wet enough for spring bloom.
  • Alternately, you can plant them inside and then transfer them to the yard or garden during spring.
  • Prepare the soil well and add topsoil and mulch to your garden beds so it will be ready for your spring bloom.

Having a garden full of colorful blooms can take some time and effort. However, if you plan the planting well, it can be worth it.  For any more gardening tips and information on our products, feel free to contact us and discuss your requirements with our team.