Current Landscaping Trends Focused on Functionality

Much like it is with real estate and interior design, landscaping practices go in and out of trend constantly. Whereas previously customers were looking for large flower arrangements and expansive garden beds, homeowners these days are looking for more functional landscaping services. 

At All Soil & Stone Co, we’ve spent nearly 30 years perfecting the art of landscaping and providing our customers with the products and services to satisfy any trend. From ownership right down to our newest hires, the company lives, breathes, and sleeps landscaping, always making sure we have our finger on the pulse of exterior design. Here are some of the landscaping trends we notice are currently focused on functionality. 

Drought Resistant Landscaping

Much like real estate and interior design, landscaping trends constantly go in and out of style.

Incorporating River Rock 

River rock, the smooth, sizable stones often found in riverbeds or beaches, are much more than just a decorative feature. By strategically placing them throughout your yard, these rocks can also direct water flow and improve drainage. 

Using Decorative Stones 

Patio, flag, and paver stones are the perfect way to create flow and transition throughout your outdoor space. Whether you need an area for seating, dining, or just hanging out, decorative patio stones are a type of functional landscaping. They can also provide a border between sections through the use of strategically placed edge stones. 

Applying Mulch to Garden Beds

The use of mulch in garden beds is one of the longest-standing landscaping trends for a reason — it works. The different colors and styles of mulch provide a much needed contrast to help flowers stand out, while also preventing the growth of weeds and helping retain water. 

If you’re looking to improve the look and functionality of your yard with the latest landscaping trends, reach out to All Around Soil & Stone today! Since 1994, we’ve developed our skills to ensure our customers receive the best product and services for their functional landscaping needs.