Benefits of Using Mulch and Bark to Improve Your Garden

Mulch is the inorganic or natural material that is applied in various areas of a landscape. It can be spread over lawns as well as at the base of plants and trees. While there are many inorganic mulches available, using bark mulch is a good way to improve plant health. It is not strictly a compost or fertilizer, but your landscape can still benefit significantly in many ways.

Organic mulch can be made from the bark of trees, pine straw, and wood chips. It will decompose over time, meaning you need to replenish it frequently. The color of the mulch depends on which tree bark is used, and you can apply mulches of different types to add a dash of color to the outdoor areas of your property. It enhances the overall appearance of your yard, while serving many other purposes.

Why You Should Use Mulch in Your Garden

medium cedar mulchThere are many notable benefits to mulching, such as: 

  • It helps protect the topsoil from exposure to the elements
  • Using mulch helps to retain moisture in the garden soil, improving its structure
  • Organic mulches break down over time, increasing the soil’s nutrient content
  • It deters weed growth
  • Helps maintain a moderate ground temperature
  • It helps prevents soil erosion
  • Improves the landscape’s aesthetic appeal
  • The soil’s nutrient holding and drainage capacity improves

As mentioned earlier, you can use mulch in a number of different spots in your garden, such as around shrubs, bushes, and trees. However, it is not a good idea to apply it in flowerbeds, as the soil needs constant work and new saplings try to grow. The mulch will only stifle their growth, and that’s something you need to avoid. 

High Grade Mulch Products 

When you are getting mulch products for gardens you need to be sure they are of high quality. Inferior mulches will only affect soil quality, may have weeds, and can affect your garden’s overall health. Contact skilled professionals for information on different types of mulches.

You can purchase different color mulches to enhance the appearance of the outdoor areas of your property. Landscaping experts will also give you tips on how and where to apply mulch for the best results. It is important to spread the right amount – if you add too much, it will only suffocate the soil and affect its quality. For information on our bark mulch products, please contact us at All Around Soil & Stone  and tell us what you need.