4 Easy DIY Landscaping Trends

Summer is in full swing, and that means so is the season of landscaping. With all this beautiful weather, it comes as no surprise that homeowners everywhere are looking to improve their yards.  This year, instead of just planting the same old annuals and restarting your usual maintenance routine, why not try out something creative with these easy DIY landscaping projects that can help make your yard pop!

At All Around Soil & Stone Co., we have nearly 30 years of experience helping people transform their outdoor space into an enjoyable, functional oasis. But we also know that landscaping projects can be expensive, so getting a company that can deliver landscaping materials to your home is a great way to reduce the cost. For all you do-it-yourselfers out there, here are a few easy projects for you to handle this summer.

Add Some Edging 

Instead of just planting the same old annuals and restarting your usual maintenance routine, try something new this summer.

There’s nothing worse than creating a beautiful garden arrangement only to have it invaded by weeds and grass from your lawn. By creating a distinct edge around each bed, you not only make your yard more aesthetically pleasing but also protect your plants from other invasive species.

Build New Flower Beds 

To really make your garden stand out, it helps to invest in some raised flower beds. These can be built out of various materials and help create new focal points in your yard.

Install New Garden Paths

Connect the different components of your outdoor space by using stone or prefabricated pavers. That provides a functional, visually pleasing transition space that is built to last! 

Create Stone Borders

If an edged garden isn’t entirely your style, using stone to surround your trees and flower beds is a perfect way to create an aesthetically pleasing garden.

If you need a business to deliver landscaping materials or guide you with easy DIY landscaping projects, All Soil & Stone Co. is your ideal solution. Contact us today to learn how our expert products and services can make your garden perfect!