How to Use Sand in Landscaping?

Landscaping with Sand

If you are planning your landscaping project, there are certain materials that are indispensable for creating successful outdoor areas. Sand is a natural material that serves several purposes. Check out the most common uses of sand in landscaping.

Between Pavers

The purpose of sand, in this case, is making your paver walkway much more stable.  The idea is to use it as leveling beneath stone pavers and to fill spaces between pavers. This way, it will prevent shifting and breaking of the pavers. Sand used as pavers usually contain multiple grain sizes, as well as sharp edges. The best sand for this purpose is grit sand as it compacts well.

Concrete Mixes

Blending sand with concrete functions as a joint filling substance for paving stones. You can also use it to create garden edging, patios, outdoor seating areas, steps, walkways, and areas exposed to water.


In some instances, this material is a good solution for different gardening projects, such as amending soil to provide better-draining soils, mixing quartz sand with garden soil and organic matter will do the trick.

Playground and Sand Box Areacommon uses of sand in landscaping

A type of sand intended for children’s play area that is often white and silica-free, making it safe for the kids. Further, this type of sand is perfect for beach ball areas, volleyball, and in sand traps at golf courses.

Zen Garden

Along with gravel, sand is the foundation of a Zen garden.landscaping with sand

The sand represents the sea. What it is important to keep in mind is to select a sand with fine round grains that allow for little resistance while raking.

These are the most common applications of sand in outdoor spaces which will help you create amazing outdoor environments.

Now that you know where to use sand in your landscaping project, all you need to do is to find a place to purchase the right type of sand for your particular needs. All Around Soil and Stone is a reliable landscaping material supplier in Colorado. Call us at 303-280-0815 to find more about the product we offer.

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