Prepping Your Garden for Landscaping Rocks

Adding rocks as mulch around the plants in your landscape will improve its overall appeal. Besides, the installation of the right material underneath will also help in keeping the weeds down. Keep in mind that rocks are an inorganic mulch, which means that they don’t have an impact on the soil, and on the bright side will not decompose either.

There are a range of landscaping rocks to choose from, including river rocks, lava rocks, marble chips, pea gravel, and more. The material that’s added underneath the rocks prevents it from mixing with the soil. Separating the stones once they mix in becomes a challenging task, and will need immediate replacement. A set-up that has no material underneath will eventually result in a deeper layer of rock which supports the weeds.

What Should You Put Under Landscaping Rocks?

Selecting the correct rock size and type is crucial on your landscape design.

When it comes to landscaping tips, using gardening mats is the right choice as they allow the water and fertilizers to seep in, but prevent the weeds from growing. These fabrics come in a lightweight roll and are relatively easy to handle. This layers ability to control the weeds from growing is entirely dependent upon how tightly the mesh is woven. To get the optimum results and weed-free ground, prep the ground with the right kind of landscaping fabric.

Preventing Weeds From Growing On Rocks

The fabric for landscaping rocks come in a range, which enables you to customize it based on your specific requirements. These layers are designed explicitly for weed control and often are installed pre-lined rows. This makes it much easier for you to plan a symmetrical garden and grow your flowers and plants straight.

Besides, these products are biodegradable, which means that you wouldn’t have to worry about harming the environment. A few benefits of using a landscape fabric include:

  • Prevents the growth of weeds
  • It’s the perfect option for areas that see soil erosion or sloping land
  • Prevents rocks and inorganic mulches from sinking into the soil
  • Reduce the need for herbal weed control
  • Helps in moisture retention

Stones and rocks are ideal for settings that don’t have plants or where heat-loving plants grow, such as a rock garden, a xeriscape, or a desert landscape. Rocks slowly start to migrate and affect the quality of soil underneath, or worse if they get into the path of a lawnmower.

Lining the beds properly and installing all the landscaping rocks correctly helps minimize these concerns. This basic prep is crucial to ensuring that the stones stay in place and do not develop weed growth. Contact us for various products and landscaping tips.