Controlling Weeds with Landscaping Fabric

If you have garden spaces on your property, you know exactly how tough it can be to keep pesky weeds at bay. No matter how hard you try, there are times when you find these invasive plants rearing their heads in various areas of your garden. They absorb all the nutrients and water from the soil, affecting the growth of flowering shrubs and plants in the landscape. The one way to prevent this from happening is to use landscape fabric to control weeds.

Landscape fabric is made from woven fibers, or can be manufactured as solid sheets that have perforated holes to permit water to soak through. Certain brands also offer UV protection that helps maintain the fabric life. 

Benefits of Using Landscaping Fabric

landscaping fabric in DenverIf you are wondering whether it’s necessary to use this product in your landscape, read on…

  • Landscaping fabric provides a protective layer between the soil and the sun.
  • It prevents weed seeds from getting the warmth and sun they need to sprout, helping control the weed population in your garden.
  • It only lets the good flowers and saplings grow. Landscaping material allows water and air to reach the flowers you want to nourish and flourish.

Aside from deterring weed growth, it is also effective in holding soil in place, helping prevent erosion to some degree. This is an added benefit. You can install it on any slopes you might have in your landscaping to serve this purpose.

Considerations for Laying Fabric

Although there are several advantages to laying fabric, you also need to keep certain things in mind while using it, such as:

  • If plants are continuously being removed or swapped out, don’t lay fabric over the entire bed, as this will make your gardening a lot harder.
  • Use sturdier fabric for garden pathways and the areas that see more foot traffic.
  • Use lighter fabric for all your flowerbeds, around bushes, and trees, as it will allow for more nutrients, water, and air to penetrate.

Choosing landscaping fabric correctly is important, and you can discuss your needs with a company that sells these products. They will take the time to understand your requirements, making sure that you select the right fabric for your needs.

There are different thicknesses of fabric available, and if you want it to serve its purpose well, you need the right ones. Good quality fabric will also last longer, providing better value in the long term and you would not have to replace it as often.

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