Building An Attractive Gabion Fence

Both rustic and modern simultaneously, a gabion fence provides a distinctive and unique way to construct a hardscaping feature in your landscape that will last for years with minimal maintenance. Gabion construction is an interesting technique used to build solid structural elements using just rock and wire mesh without mortar.

This term gabion originated from ‘gabbione’, which is an Italian word meaning “big cage.”  This type of fence can be customized to suit your requirements, the garden’s layout, and the area where it is to be installed.


A gabion or rock fence will enhance your garden.

The Advantages of Gabion Fences

While these structures are slightly unconventional, they can be an interesting addition to your property. There are several benefits to installing a rock fence, such as:

– These features are primarily built to stabilize the soil. But today, many property owners find a gabion fence an exciting alternative to a standard wooden or aluminum feature.
– The installation is straightforward and can be completed within a short timespan.
– There is a lot of design flexibility. You can have straight gabion baskets or a basic rock fence. On the other hand, if you want something unique, you can opt for curved rock walls.
– This is a sustainable fence option compared to a concrete structure that has a higher carbon footprint.
– It forms a monolithic, permeable feature that is also aesthetically appealing.
– These fences are highly customizable, and you can use different types of rocks to create the aesthetic you want.

Best Rocks for Gabion Fences

As mentioned, these structures offer you a significant amount of design flexibility, and you can select various rocks for the gabion baskets. It’s essential to use rocks to fit correctly in the steel gabion grid work without slipping through the openings. Another crucial consideration is the shape of the stones you opt for. You need stackable or jagged rocks that will lock together nicely to create a stable and unmovable structure.

While you can use large round and smooth river rocks, include some irregular-shaped rocks in the gabion. It will prevent the structure from settling after installation. Creating a unique feature is about using some interesting rocks with striations, lava rock, translucent rocks, or even glass rocks.

Look for products that will be aesthetically appealing, sturdy, long-lasting and hire experts for the installation. You can contact us for more information about the types of rocks you can use for your new rock fence.