Beginner Landscaping Tips for new Homeowners

If you’re the proud new owner of a new home and are ready to spruce up your yard, you’ve probably noticed that there’s quite a lot of landscaping tips to take into consideration. From laying down sod and building flower beds to designing garden paths and adding decorative features, it can seem overwhelming at first! However, with some basic knowledge and lots of preparation, you can create your own beautiful yard that will last many years to come. Here are some great beginner landscaping tips for new homeowners to help get your project started!

Creating Sections

When you’re landscaping your property, creating sections gives your space a more natural look. Flower borders, garden paths, and planting beds are just a few ways to section off different areas. When you have distinct sections in your yard or garden, it’s easier to create a focal point and achieve balance throughout.

Decorative Features

Add some decorative features to your yard, and you’ll instantly transform it into a more peaceful space. An ornamental birdbath, wooden bench, or even an interesting statue can make all of the difference! Don’t forget to look up when considering decorative elements – adding solar-powered garden lights can really create a beautiful ambiance on a warm summer evening.

Building Garden Bedslandscaping

Building your own garden beds is a great way to spruce up your yard on a budget. You can build them using rocks, brick, wood, or even metal. Building a garden bed isn’t as difficult as it may seem; you just need to know what you’re doing and plan ahead. When building your own bed, you should consider where you will be placing it and how big it will be before starting construction.

Planting Shrubs, Trees, and Flowers

For beginners, remember not to add too many flowering plants in one area. It is best to have a well-balanced yard with one or two trees, shrubs, and flowers of each kind. In terms of selecting your trees and shrubs, make sure they will grow well in your area – ask at your local nursery and be aware that some varieties are better suited to colder areas than others.

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