5 Tips for Using Landscaping Rocks in Your Yard

How can landscaping rocks help your yard? With rocks, you can add an extra element of beauty and décor to your yard and garden, while also providing an area that allows you to sit and relax among the flowers or vegetables in your backyard. To use landscaping rocks in your garden, though, you’ll need to prep the area underneath them first and prevent weeds from growing on your rocks. Here are five tips to help you use landscaping rocks in your garden this year.

Getting Rid of Grass

Landscaping rocks are a great way to make your garden pop while also serving a practical purpose. Many people choose to landscape their garden with rocks in order to avoid the hassle of mowing grass, weeding, and watering an overgrown lawn. But how do you keep weeds from growing on your landscaping rocks? Here are five tips for using landscaping rocks in your garden

Add Fertilizer

There are a few things you can do to make your landscaping rocks last longer. One of the most important things is to add some fertilizer and mulch. These two items will help protect the plants and soil from drying out, as well as help keep weeds away. You can also lay down a layer of plastic or old carpet before adding the rocks to prevent weeds from growing on them.

Add Mulch

Landscape rocks are a great addition to any garden, but you’ll want to make sure that you’re using them correctly. When using landscaping rocks in your garden, it’s important to put some mulch over the top of them. This will help to deter weeds from growing and provide a nice base for your plants.

Weed Control

Weeds can be a problem when using landscaping rocks in your garden, but they are not impossible to get rid of. Here are five tips for controlling weeds with rocks: 

  1. Use Mulch: Mulch will help control the weeds as well as prevent them from growing on your rock. You can use straw, hay, or pine needles for this purpose. 
  2. Add More Rocks: Adding more landscaping rocks will make it difficult for weeds to grow because the roots have no place to go. 
  3. Keep it Clean: Clean up any weed-infested areas on a regular basis so you can keep weed populations under control. 
  4. Weed Every Three Months: It is important to maintain an even balance between planting new plants and removing existing ones if you want your garden free of weeds and plant-less areas. Preventively kill existing weeds with vinegar!

Prevent Water Drainage Issues

Landscaping rocks can cause drainage issues if not properly installed. Make sure the ground is level before installing your rocks, and add a layer of sand or gravel before laying your rocks. Place landscaping rocks so they don’t touch the ground or underground pipes. Make sure to keep your irrigation system running over them to prevent erosion.

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