3 Tips to Avoid a Flooded Landscape

Flooded landscapes are a common problem for gardeners and homeowners. Not only can they cause damage to your plants and home, but they can also be challenging to get rid of. Fortunately, several tips can help you avoid dealing with flooded landscapes. In this post will discuss three of the most effective tips for preventing your garden or landscape from being drowned with water. By taking these simple steps, you can ensure that your garden remains dry and healthy.

 Design with Drainage in Mind

Add Sidewalk or Patio to Your Outdoor Space

Keep in mind a good drainage before designing your landscape.

When it comes to avoiding flooded landscapes, the key is proper drainage. Good drainage begins with design, so planning ahead and keeping drainage in mind is essential. One way to do this is to choose a higher elevation for your lawn or garden, as this will reduce the chance of flooding. You can also add drains or swales to your landscape to help direct water away from areas prone to flooding. Additionally, make sure that your soil is well-aerated and has good drainage. Planting drought-resistant plants is another great way to help manage water and avoid flooding. Finally, when planting, ensure enough gaps between the plants so water can easily pass through them.

Use Rocks and Plants to Help

To guard against flooding, the tactical placement of rocks and plants is recommended. The construction of low walls using stones of the river variety or something similar helps control the water from flowing to places that should remain dry. Certain shrubs and trees should also be planted near bodies of water to take in and stop the landscape or garden from being inundated. Deep-rooted plants are preferable to shallow-rooted ones; examples of these plants include river birch, red maple, and blueberry bushes. It is essential to select the plants and rocks by the potential for flooding in the location. Please contact a local nursery or garden store like All Around Soil & Stone for further guidance on the best plants and rocks to choose. Ultimately, with the right combination of rocks and plants, staving off a flooded landscape or garden is possible.

Be Prepared for Heavy rains

It is essential to be prepared to keep your landscape or garden from flooding due to heavy rains. Establish a plan so that you know how to deal with excess rainfall and direct it away from your home. Installing a drainage system and using rain barrels can help collect water and avoid pooling in certain areas. Moreover, unblocking any gutters and downspouts of potential blockage from debris during storms is essential.